Welcome To Laraib Exports

Laraib Exports is leather-manufacturing unit from Raw to finish. Having 11 years of experience Company is exporting leather and leather goods in several countries. Company is equipped with modern machines and Skilled workers. Changing with time the quality of leather had improved rapidly which had gained confidence among the buyers.

We are making vegetable tanned Belting leather , safety and fancy shoe upper leather for belts and shoes.Our leather is full vegetable tanned with high quality of raw material used.

We are cutting leather straps , snap belts, complete belt with buckle. We also make different leather goods like key rings, knife cover, diary cover, leather carpets and stools.

Our Markets

Our Leather and Leather products are successfully selling in Germany, USA,China.

The company has always taken a responsible attitude in adapting and changing manufacturing processes to take into account the health and safety of its employees and the impact of its operations to the environment. Aim to minimise waste through the stringent use of all materials supplies and energy. maintain a research and development activity,aimed at more efficient and more environmentally acceptable technology.